Plant Data Services

The digital future of industry has already begun!

The volume of data is growing – day after day. Big data is both a major challenge and an enormous opportunity. Properly prepared, the data can be used and allows us to reshape the industrial world.
Big data can be turned into smart data!

Up to now, however, this data has rarely been used profitably. Plant Data Services help you tap this hidden potential!

Modern cloud technologies combine fast processing of large data volumes with global availability and web-based display of analysis results.

Turn your production data into valuable information for greater availability, effectiveness and efficiency. The right decision at the right time, based on intelligent analysis, makes all the difference!

Take advantage of your data’s potential and our expertise.

Maximize your plant capacity with Plant Data Services from Siemens!

As the global market leader in the area of industrial automation and drive systems, Siemens can draw on a unique wealth of practical experience as well as the in-depth industry knowledge of globally networked experts.

With Plant Data Services, we create a secure, reliable environment for using sensitive production data in modern cloud computing. Precisely customized to the individual requirements of your company, our analytical services provide a solid foundation for fact-based, strategic decisions to increase plant reliability, lower costs, speed up processes, manage business more ecologically and save energy – anytime and anywhere.

Plant Data Services offer the following portfolio so that you can predict situations and events and act accordingly:

Optimize energy performanceMaster asset uptimeEnhance industrial security

Maximize process efficiencyMind your digital future

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