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Downsizing and lower service budgets at many industrial facilities have led to maintenance being performed reactively after faults have occurred. And it’s not just the budget: in-house maintenance teams lack the resources they need for effective and efficient service measures. This raises some questions:

  • How I can ensure which are the right maintenance services to be performed?
  • Who can support me in handling my required service measures?
  • How can I get fast expert support in an emergency? 

Our offer 

Individual Service Contracts provide you with a customized service package tailored to your needs, whether it be priority treatment via our support hotline or outsourcing all your maintenance activities. With individually-tailored service packages, you can focus on what you can do best: your core business.  

Your benefits 
  • Minimized unplanned downtimes: Individually-set reaction times result in fast support from service experts in case of an emergency.
  • Focus on the core business: Service experts handle your service activities while you can focus on what you can do best: your core business.
  • Reduced costs: Optimized service measures enable efficient planning of maintenance resources and, thus, lower costs 


Contact us! Our experts will be there when you really need them – without compromises.