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    Retrofit & Modernization Services


    Drive trains, automation and process systems are the heart of  industrial facilities. They need to run both safely and reliably – often for decades and under harsh conditions. This brings up some questions:

    • How high is the risk of unplanned outages?
    • Is the energy efficiency too low for cost-effective operation?
    • Do the high maintenance costs still pay off? 

    Our offer 

    The solution is Siemens’ Retrofit and Modernization Services. They reliably reduce the rising maintenance costs associated with an advanced lifecycle and increase plant availability. They also help identify and utilize additional efficiency and energy-saving potential – for example, by using energy-saving components and integrating them intelligently into the automation environment with the TIA Portal or SIMATIC PCS 7.   

    Your benefits 
    • Minimized unplanned downtimes: By upgrading an existing product or system to the latest technology and safety standards, a smooth and reliable operation can be ensured.
    • Reduced costs: The modernization of machines and drive systems or automation and process systems is usually the more economical solution for prolonging the lifecycle of the entire plant.
    • Step-by-step digitalization: By modernizing installed components you get a comprehensive update to the latest technology standards, including Totally Integrated Automation, communication, and diagnostics. 


    Contact us! Our experts will work with you to create your optimum retrofit and modernization solution.  

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