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FAQ How and for which analog measurements can you use the function FC105 'SCALE' to convert the integer values (INT) into real number values?

You can use the FC 105 "SCALE" function for measuring voltage, current, temperature and resistance ... The Scale Values function FC 105 "SCALE" converts an integer value (IN) into a REAL value.... FC 105 parameters:

ID: 1765297
Forum SCALE and UNSCALE - Can use FC105 (0-20mA) in your sample project for AI (0-10 V)?

1-Can I use FC105 (0-20mA) in your sample project for AI (0-10 V)?... but if my card in configurable (0-20 mA or 4-20 mA) use only FC105 for both type of current (0-20 mA and 4-20 mA) ... I attached also a project with a version for S7-1200 of the S7-300/400 FC105 / 106... The FC 105/FC 106 (SCALE/UNSCALE) are avaliable in TIA for S7-300/S7-400/S7-1500 but not for S7-1200.... E.g. FC 105/FC106 could be used for 0 to +10V, -10 to + 10V, 0 to 20 mA, - 20 to +20mA and 4 to 20mA.

Forum Problem in calling FC105.

For input scaling i want to use FC105 and for output I want to use FC106.... My problem is that whenever i try to call FC105 or FC106 in OB1 or any ... the CPU display SF error LED.... I vould also check that you have uploaded the FC105 and FC106 to your PLC so ... not just in your PG.... have you downloaded FC105/106 to the CPU?... The above is treated by FC105 as error so you need ... (discussed here) to cover this.... Hi, try to download FC105 to your PLC, when you drag&drop FC105 from library Step7 automatically copy the FC105 to your project, but you need to download manually.

Forum Analog signal FC105

I use the FC 105 block for scaling the signal, and for temperatures is everything ok.... HI_LIM = 120, and when I put these data in FC105 block, it turns everything right.... How to set the right values now for FC105 block?... You seem to have understood the basic linear conversion provided by FC105 "SCALE".... will transfer a value to ... value in mA or V. FC105 scales (transforms) these numerical values ... a linear calculation (y=mx+b) ... As you stated, simply chose ... limits for each use of FC105 to obtain the correct engineering ... corresponding to your analog inputs.

Forum FC105 & FC106

How and for which analog measurements can you use the function FC105 'SCALE' to convert the integer values (INT) into real number values?... Analog signal FC105... FC105 & FC106 SCALE BLOCKS... how use FC105 block to read PT100 RTD feedback value

FAQ Correction regarding Online-Assistance concerning FC105(SCALE): Incorrect formula

Why do I not receive the correct result for FC105 (SCALE) using the formula listed in the Online-Assistance?

ID: 1623841

Dear all, i have to make use of FC 105 in my current project.... a screenshot of the call of FC 105 on your program (in runtime, if possible) -... a view of the diagnostic buffer messages that are linked to your call of FC 105... maybe a stupid one - is FC105 itself downloaded to the PLC / Simulator?

Forum how use FC105 block to read PT100 RTD feedback value

 Hi, I want to know how use FC105 block to read PT100 RTD feedback value and store the value as Dword.... i.e. at In i have provided PIWxx which i configured , i am getting values at IN but what should i set for HI_Lim,Lo_Lim,BIPOLAR,Ret_val,OUT, , So that at OUT i get same read value which is input at PIWxx in FC105...... If your sensor is connected to the analog card directly you don't need FC105, just convert the analog value to Real and devide by 10.0.... but if you want to use FC105 you can set

Forum Please help me with cpu using fc105

and when i try to use the fc105 it gives me a error of compilation.... is the problem that this cpu dont suppor some instruction of fc105 scaling block?... Try to rename FC105 to a value i.E. FC10 and try it again.... Scale the analog input without FC105....

Forum FC105 , FC106

I just want to know about Ret_Value indicated in this FC 105 and FC 106 can we use same memory word for all return values if we have different blocks in the program ??

Forum SM331 analog card + SCALE (FC105) 4-20mA,

I have trouble with SCALE (FC105) function.... Call FC105

Forum Multiple usage of standard library scale function block fc105

I designed the first output by using the fc105 block and simulated it successfully.... I think this's happening because the SAME block fc105 is getting used twice, for both the outputs.... any easy solution to make use of the same fc105 block twice?... There is no limit to the number of FC105 blocks you can use in a program, and to my knowledge functions do not interfere with each other in runtime.... Please show us the code you are using, I believe there is something we have to locate in your calls of FC105 in your program.

Forum FC105 scaling

I used FC105 to scale the input variable betwen given values.... Assigning memories to outputs of FC105 should be done in a manner that they should not overlap.

Forum FC105 & FC106 SCALE BLOCKS

you write input value (f.e. IW300) to input "IN" of FC105 and limits to "HI_LIM" and "LO_LIM".... FC 105 block will accept the data in form of 27648 for 20 mA from module directly i mean when i will connect the 4-20 ma wire to my analogue input module then module itself will convert that signal in 27648 figure for 20 ma or respective value in between?... add symbol FC105 SCALE in symbol table

Forum FC105 Scaling Problem

I have had trouble downloading the standard block FC105 for scaling an analog input PIW288.... All other code in the block ... as long as I delete the FC105 network.... In my opinion you just forget to download FC105 itself to the CPU.... Do I need to down load the standard block FC105 when creating the program as ... sure how to if required?... go to your block folder there you find FC 105 (after you have inserted it ... and press the download button.... Tried to download FC105 and it wont go?... Rename FC105 to I.... FC105 or FC10... What is the difference between ... of FC that include one FC105 or one FC10?

Forum FB250 and FC105

1) Should I directly use FC105 Scaling Function?... 2) I should first use the formula a=(2048/27648)*d and then use FC105 to scale with limits +2047 and -2047 or some other limits?

Forum FC105

I'm trying to force the BIPOLAR input of FC105 to 0, but i don't know the right syntax for it.... I suggest you create anAlways_OFF bit, either in OB 100 or in OB1, and you can then use this bit to force your Bipolar signal to 0 in FC 105

Forum FC105

 hello, How can I write 0 or 1 in BIPOLAR pin of FC105

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