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CAx data*



The CAx download manager offers you the easy option to access current product data for your CAD or CAE system. Configure your own download with a few clicks.

You can select between product images, 2 dimensional images, 3D models, wiring diagrams, EPLAN macro files, manuals, curves, operating instructions, certificates and product master data.


Through the steps described here, we would like to offer you fast and easy access to the CAx download manager.

1. Choose a product
Please use the entry field on the top right to search for relevant products. If you enter the order number, products will be suggested in the search result field. Simply click on your order number.

2. Call the “Technical / CAx data” tab
Depending on your selected product you will now be offered the "Technical/CAx data" tab. In this tab, select the “CAx data” item and follow the instructions.

3. Compile your own CAx download 
Now select all document types relevant for you in the steps that follow. If desired, you can add other order numbers in step 1 under “load / enter list of products”.

4. Download CAx download package
Have you reached the end of your selection? Start the export of your configuration now. For your download, all the files you have selected are compiled in a ZIP archive. You can now close the CAx window. Processing may take some time. Once completed, you will be informed by email.


Searching for product-specific CAx and CAE data can be very time consuming. Now, you can configure your product-specific CAx download package with only a few mouse clicks. Whether 3D model, a 2 dimensional drawing, certificates or product master data sheets - we compile your individual download package for you!

* Note
The full functionality is only available to registered users.

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