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Contactpersonen voor productenTechnical Support
Contactpersonen wereldwijd
Voor u ter plaatse, wereldwijd: Contactpersonen voor advies, verkoop, training, service, support, reserveonderdelen, enz. -
voor het complete aanbod van Siemens for industry. Uw persoonlijke contactpersoon vindt u in onze
Support Request
Aanvraag maken
Gebruik ons online formulier voor specifieke oplossingssuggesties of stuur uw technische
vraag direct naar een productspecialist van de Technical Support:
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Volg de status van uw supportaanvraag online. Hier vindt u een overzicht van uw aanvragen:
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Support Request – Sending requests to Technical Support*



In several steps, the “Support Request” leads you through the process of product selection, solution description and solution suggestions right up to sending the request to Technical Support.


Each step polls the information required for the selection lists or the text input.
The “Support Request” can also be used without login. The login enables you to transfer your contact data directly (see "Personal data") into the respective form. A new “Support Request” can be generated in “mySupport” under "Create new request". After you have logged in, "My requests"gives you an overview of your “Support requests”.

More information on "Support Request" can be found in the HelpCenter.


Within this step, Online Support offers you solutions relevant for your request – maybe a suitable solution is already available?
These detailed requests prevent the omission of relevant data and your request can be directed straight to the appropriate specialist. This saves time, especially when you don’t have any.
* Note
The full functionality is only available to registered users.

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